Like a Classic Facebook view?

A simple extension that restores the Newsfeed as a chronological collection of posts. It also hides the triangular blue corner tabs that appear in each story.
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Back Facebook to Classic view
Hide blue corners tabs near each story
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Users testimonials

Works as advertised. My facebook finally defaults to chronological order.

Danielle Cardinal

Awesome,one of the greats on here.

Andy Merchel

IT WORKS!! It totally works!! LOVING IT!! I've hated how they changed the newsfeed and this brings back the older style of JUST the newsfeed and not the top story BS / recent BS and it removes that stupid stream on the right column. THANK GOODNESS I found this!!

Allison Jaegeʀ

At last, someone who listens to what we want!! great app, loving it already!!

John Fraser